Tournament procedure - preregistered pools

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Tournament procedure - preregistered pools

Post by fabfoe » 06 Apr 2018 12:18

Folgende Mail habe ich an CFB geschrieben, nachdem an Tag 2 unsere Gegner statt eine Crested Herdcallers eine (random) Thunderherd Migration bekommen haben.

Ich finde die Regelung der Tournament Procedures Mist...


at the GP Amsterdam main event, my team and I endountered the following situation:

While checking our opponents' pool, the printed list was fine (12*14 cards), but one card was missing (uncommon) in the pile of cards. On the list, there were two of a specific uncommon, but the pool only had one.

I called a judge to handle the situation. The fix was to give our opponents a _random_ uncommon instead.

I think this procedure is flawed because:

A) It can create a feel-bad moment for the team involved. In our scenario the uncommon missing was replaced by a much weaker random one.

B) It opens up space for cheating. Knowing that this is the fix, a player with bad intent can - while opening the pool - get rid of let's say a bad rare. With the beforementioned procedure, his/her team wil now get a fresh and random rare or even mythic.

There are at least two ways to fix this in my opinion:

A) Change the precedure so that every team will _always_ receive all the cards that are registered on the printed decklist. If a card is missing, provide them with the missing card or a paper-slip to fetch the card from a vendor for free.

B) Change the procedure so that no team will open their own pool first. In Amsterdam, the preregistered pools were handed out in a plastic bag. There is no reason that a team opens their own pool first, but instead can easily just swap the entire plastic bags before starting to check the contents of the opposing team's pool.

I hope, this all made sense and will help you provide an even better tournament experience for all players.

Best regards,"

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Re: Tournament procedure - preregistered pools

Post by ovid » 10 Apr 2018 19:54

Stimme dir in allen Punkten zu :)
ovid war einer der Auslöser, die zur Gründung dieses Forums geführt haben und hatte den ersten Beitrag ;)

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